Visual Literacy Materials

Visual Literacy

The following are online versions of the set of three disks given at a Visual Literacy course by the Primary Strategy Team in 2005.


Visual Literacy Disk 1
  • A selection of digital video files, mostly news clips suitable for use with children in KS1 and 2
Visual Literacy Disk 2
  • Photostory and Media Player Downloads
  • Film Trailers to download
  • 3 helpsheets supporting Interactive Whiteboard use with Newsclips; Story Telling; Use of Images
  • Kar2ouche support materials
  • Pixar Films to download
Visual Literacy Disk 3
  • Sound files
  • Advert clips to use with children
  • Animated films
  • Documents to support the use of digital images
  • Digital Video websites where clips can be downloaded
  • Newsclips to download
  • Pathe historical newsclips

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